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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues


Did/do you ever consider how much waste we throw away on a daily basis from our work environment??I have to say it is just phenomenal the amount of recyclable materials that we do not give a second thought to just dumping not knowing where it will end up!! In our Conference Centre’s we are trying to be ‘Greener’ and hope that we can work alongside our ‘Council’ to see if...

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Daily log

The daily chores of life in the conference industry are so varied that they can take in the extreme from dogging cients hurling verbal abuse (not that that ever happens at the Cavendish, Mayfair or the ICO Centre’s!) to mis-direction of client folders to the wrong location (can we be blamed for that? Of Course!!) and of course to our wonderful chef’s with cleavers chaseing stewards for not wearing the correct colour socks!!As if...

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2007 a New Conference Year

Have you ever heard the expression ‘another day another dollar’?? Well it lives true to its word only with the lack of business in the early days after the Christmas and New Year ‘splurge’ there are no ‘dollars’ to be made in this industry!!Why not?? A good question!! This is a note to all you aspiring clients of the conference industry ‘ we will give you very substantial discounts to...

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New Year

Another day another year, the forth bridge bears no comparison to the endless to the acres of paint needed to cover our splendid walls. Were certainly opening with a bang its now 9.45 not a single enquiry so far, maybe that’s a good thing as I’m still ploughing my way through the 915 spam emails received over the ‘festive break’ My beloved colleague Rachel never one to miss an opportunity,...

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