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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

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We are trying to get the world to recognise that we are about to open the best conference centre in London. For the first time since we opened our first conference centre in 1985 we have hit the road. Up and down the country we are travelling visiting all who will have us boring no entrancing them with the full low down on our New Hallam Street Conference Centre.  For...

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The Lone Sales Man

The lone sales man is renowned for running around trying to sell hoovers and the like but who ever heard of a travelling Conference Centre Sales man?? Well believe it or not they are a breed unto themselves however when it comes to the type of sales person at the Cavendish, Mayfair, ICO and Hallam Conference Centre’s then you are dealing with sheer class! These people know their stuff and...

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The Long and Winding Road

Blog1 “The long and winding road involved in securing business for any company is a hard and lonely path to run”! A famous quote from a very famous business man shows the dedication to keep every business persons company on the up! The Conference industry is not adverse to long and hard work to secure profitability and indeed to build a company is a mind blogging experience! To build a...

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If not a World Wide Wormery why not a London wide wormery

As I walked to the underground station from work last night I passed two small groups of men rummaging through the bin bags outside Eat the sandwich shop and the Langham Hotel. They were salvaging good food that an hour before we were all prepared to pay for, the bags were being broken food and packaging was seeping all over the payment, Portland Place to my mind one of the...

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A recent article about ourselves, show of!

Saving the Planet through Conference organisation     If you have been working in the commercial field for at least the last ten years, an invitation to rewind the memory over that time would expose a snapshot of business practice in many ways unimaginable to-day. The impact of environmental priorities on the commercial scene is just one example. Until the ‘90s ‘green’ issues were the preserve of activists in the...

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We can proudly annouce that we are the only group of venues in London to be Green Mark accredited. The file is buldging with of course recycled paper, the assessor is happy, the project is complete. But of course we are not happy to leave it there, we are going to build on this success. We aim to be the only WASTE NEUTRAL group of conference centres in London by...

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