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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

River Fleet

You do rember one of rooms at America Square Conference Centre is called The Fleet ! The River Fleet is the largest of London’s subterranean rivers. It rises from two springs on Hampstead Heath and direcetd into two reservoirs constructed in the 18th centuary, highgate and hampstead ponds. From the ponds the water flows underground for 4 miles to join the River Thames. In the 1970s the river gave its...

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Ward of Walbrook

After yesterdays fun blog, back to history today…yawn, yawn yawn. The Walbrook River ( you do remember we have a room named after this at America Square?) now runs completely underground and the only evidence above ground is the stream on a street called Walbrook, which runs parallel to its course. On the Street is a church called St. Stephen Walbrook, which originally stood on the west bank of the...

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For hands that won't do

So shocked were we when we saw SJP of Sex in the City fame’s hands that we spilt our, skinny hazelnut mocha decaff cappuccino with an extra shot all over our brand new dVb 70’s style jeans and Uniglo t-shirt. Eyes may be the window to your soul but it’s the condition of your hands that surely age you more accurately than carbon dating. With this in mind you’ll be...

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If you read Wednesdays ‘blog’ you know the capacities of these conference rooms, so we are waiting for your conference bookings! The history however is far more interesting! It is said that when Londinium fell into invading saxons in the late 6th century, all the british inhabitants were forced to live on the east bank of the Walbrook while the saxons would reside on the west. This ancient division endured...

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Underground River

Yes, Cavendish Conferences Venues, has Underground Rivers at America Square Conference Centre.  The river played a key role in the Roman settlement of Londinium, the city know as London. It is thought that the river acquired its name from the fact it ran through or under the London Wall. The stream started in what is now Finsbury and flowed through the centre of the walled city into the River Thames, near...

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Fifth Wall

Most buildings you will agree have four walls. America Square you will be pleased to know has the normal four – it helps to keep the ceiling up. Yet, our newest, soon to be opened venue has the added bonus of a fifth wall. Now while this fifth wall is an old wall, it’s not just any old wall – it is part of the original London Wall!

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