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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

Adam's Ale

Our granny always extolled the virtues of Adam’s Ale. From the time we were knee high to a grasshopper upwards. She didn’t worry about how many units the Government recommended as your daily intake or weekly intake it was always drink until you’ve had your fill. Now before you start being concerned, with her being Irish and a pub landlady to boot, Adam’s Ale is water. I’m sure she’d be...

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O2 – Part Deux

Well, they showed the recording of the Kylie Minogue concert that I attended at the O2. Wow! what a difference to what I saw when I was at the concert and saw it live. I take it back she doesn’t look like a pepperami and there was a lot going on that I missed due to my vantage point in the gods. At the Cavendish Conference Centre you too can...

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When we get question like this!! What is a Green Venue?

Very Simple! All administration etc must be done electronically – no paper! An awareness of reducing the carbon footprint – can delegates arrive by public transport, are cars really necessary? Try to recycle anything used at the venue like paper and try to reduce waste. Using recycled paper on flipcharts, conference pads and pencil for delegates to take note. Choose a venue that has environmental issues as a top priority!!...

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Morning coffee

Almost every day either an event organiser or delegate asks me why our building is called International Coffee Organization. Well, I’m afraid there’s nothing mysterious behind that name, it’s actually a case of doing what it says on the can. Quite simply the building hosts the headquarters of an intergovernmental organisation that regulates coffee trade called -you’ve guessed it- International Coffee Organization (ICO). As it happens, coffee is one of...

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Well connected

My own experience as an event delegate has taught me that good transport links are an important addition to the appeal of a venue. It’s always good to know that you won’t be stranded in a solitary bus stop after the event or that you can change your travel plans at the last minute. With the ICO being right in the heart of Soho you assume that there’s no shortage...

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The Great Escape but not for some!

You may be able to empathise with this if you are one of those left in the office while everyone else has gone on their summer hols with bucket & spade or snorkel and mask in hand. August is lovely in London everyone is gone, it’s supposed to be quiet!! Maybe there’s less of us but the phones and enquiries are coming in thick and fast. So to those of...

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