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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

Delivering Goods

Oh to be a goods inwards Reveiving Executive Manager at America Square where all and only the beautiful are delivered with the compliments of a Pink phone no less!!! Talk about delivery in style, America Square has it all!!!

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Hot in Season

We all go to the shpos and see the usual rubbish trying to entice you in to buy buy buy because of massive discounts etc!!! 75% OFF and you still end up paying £150.00 for a pair of jeans, some rip off I reckon!!!! We at Cavendish Conference Venues give massive discounts at appropriate times of the year and do not rip you off indeed we are probably ripping ourselves...

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Cavendish and the Credit Crunch

In the current climate doesn’t it reall miff you off when the likes of the press, the media, the politicians and all those crazy publicity seaking dunder heads go on and on and on and on and ….. yes ON about the fact we could be heading towards a recession, money is scarce and YES the financial situation is dire???? Lets just get on with life and keep our heads...

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Very Letter 8

Cavendish Conference Venues would like to congratulate Allan Simmons who is Britain’s new National Scrabble Champion. This is following his win yesterday at the event held by Mattel at the Cavendish Conference Centre and is the first time that Allan has won the title.

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