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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

America Square – Wall Facts!

Yesterday I met one of our lovely clients and was talking about the section of the Roman Wall that runs through our America Square Conference Centre, and that originally ran all the way around Roman London (330 acres). He told me that when a lot of our cities in England were walled, there was a curfew for getting into the city, before the gates were locked at night. In order...

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Going Green – Composting

We have introduced a new scheme at the Cavendish to compost our waste food. We are working with London Recycling to have our waste food collected, which then results in PAS 100 Standard and ABPR compliant compost. This minimises the need for in-organic fertilizers and diverts waste from landfill.

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It's Snow Joke!

We at Cavendish Conference Venues hope that everyone enjoyed the snow last week. You will be glad to know, that despite the conditions, we made it through the weather and into the offices. I, however, did get stuck on my way to Sheffield last week, and was forced to turn around at Leicester. While the snow is a distant memory in London, it is still very much in evidence in...

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