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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

ST. Georges Day – England's National Day

Today, 23 April, is England’s national day. It is an ordinary day – no day off, no firework celebrations etc. However, some people will wear a red as I am today, my favorite colour. Also as a Yorkshire Lass after yet another busy and successful day at Cavendish Conference Venues , I am going home to this evening for a bottle of Beer and Toad in the Hole ( requseted...

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Summer is here and the living is easy!!! Did you ever hear that expression before?? Well, over a year ago now when we stared writing Blogs this was one of our captions! We take the hit and you have a ball!!! That is of course when it comes to the intracisies of Event Organisation and running conferences or events at Venues!! We at Cavendish Conference Venues are GREAT at running...

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There is a lot of talk going around the block at the moment about investments and where to put your hard earned cash etc etc!! Buy Bank shares or don’t as the case may be but they say do NOW as they will go up and they are at as low as they have ever been!! How do I know?? Good question! I know because I talk to my clients...

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Don’t mention the ‘R’ word too loud in our circle as it depresses some of us! Anyway ‘R’ words aside I believe the conference sector will always hold its own and we all, in the sector, have to make sure that our clients are looked after and they will come back and they will be loyal and they will do events and so keep smiling, be happy and persevere, we...

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Conference News

Did anybody read this months, April 2009, publication of Conference News? What a great write up from Rob Davidson who is without doubt at the fore front of the hospitality industry and really is so clued in to the changing ethos that is going through the Conference Industry! Rob is certainly a guy worth keeping in touch with and I am grateful for his positive outlook on our industry, we...

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