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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

Rachels big Cage

Yes, we have a cage her at One America Square, located in the every popular, hub of the building The Loading Bay.  No, it does not have animals in it, something far more important!  When all of the conference organisers send their documentation, exhibition stands crates etc. They are all carefully locked away in the Big Cage. We take your administration and exhibitor needs very seriously, We realise they are...

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No Borders, No Nations, No Deportations

NO BORDERS LONDON staged a lightening demonstration at our Cavendish Conference Centre* on Tuesday. This group as we understand it our campaigning to eliminate the nation state, without the state there cannot be the structures of state, it is these structures that dehumanize the individual, well that’s how we understand it anyway. The demonstration took place at our centre as we were hosting an event at which unbeknownst to us...

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After 18 months of operation her at One America Square, we did not realise how VVIP  the Loading Bay is. It is the whole nucleus of the centre. All delivers are made there (unless, you are lucky enough to get past security on the main desk, any hints welcome). We receive numerous jolly telephone calls from the team on board there: “This is the loading bay One America Sq.; I...

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Open Door

You know the way, whenever you need to speak to a manager they are never around. They are at times, elusive like the Scarlet Pimpernelle. At Cavendish Conference Venues this is never the case –  they are always on duty, highly visible and at all of our venues the door of the office is always open in case you need any assistance or you just want a chat. This is...

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Source locally, learn from the french

When it comes to increasing the sustainability of our conference and meeting venues what can we learn from our continental cousins in particular the French. One thing comes thing over louder and clearer than anything, sourcing local produce. When was the last time you saw any reference to locality on a Hilton or Marriott menu. One group who David Like are trying to do something an out this are Cavendish...

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