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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

10 Ways to run a better conference

Stay calm. In the chaotic world of this events organiser it is in the roaring furnace of disaster that the greatest events are forged.  We have only ever had one double booking, but that one event is etched forever on my mind. The battlefield, one room, two events one event titled ‘successfull complaint handling’ the second a road show for an international computer games company. The winner Cavendish Conference Venues,...

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10 Ways to run a Greener Conference

Book a venue as near to your attendees as possible. In practical terms distance outweighs all other factors. Use technology, encourage people to slouch at their desks rather than attend your event. Use webcasting etc. Combine with an absolute minimisation of all paper, i.e. delegate packs, signage etc. Endeavour to know what your impact is, survey your delegates, how did they get to the event, where did they come from....

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Cavendish Conference Venues a story of PIGS

A new meaning for an old world enters the lexicon, PIGS follows hard on the heels of BRICS etc. While we often feel as unloved by our great leaders as a sinking Maldivian Athol, we cannot honestly claim to be a nation in our own right. What we can claim and are proud of is that within the nation of the Cavendish we have representatives of all the nations so...

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Are all conferences the same ?

Sometimes in this business you get the feeling that all conferences are basically the same, incomprehensible titles, men in suits etc. NOT HERE NOT RECENTLY. In the last month we have had anarchistic demonstrators, geriatric flashers and now dignity in death. Contestants on have I got news for you might be able to see a connection here, I can’t. I guess it doesn’t really matter the message is clear we...

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The Impossible Dilemma Profit or Virtue

The doom email arrived this morning ‘As a result of the election and hung parliament ….. will need to cut costs’ What do you do ? With the grisly spectacle of Gorgeous George Osborne and his deathly side kick Mr Cable wielding the death axe of cuts we certainly cannot afford to loose any clients. The gander has no fat, there is no margin we can eat into. As night...

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Things are looking up?

Looking through our forward diaries there seems to be no doubt that right at the moment things are getting better.  Despite adding 50% more capacity in the last year to 18 months are forward diaries are now fuller than they have been for a very long time. The scary thought is that maybe this is a blip maybe we will be swept back into the hellish place we have only...

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