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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues


“I want a Pizza” I reckon those of us with kids have heard that many times before however it is good to see that with CCV Pizza’s were on the Xmas list and we hope that those of you who indulged in mankinds favourite past time enjoyed our chocolate deliveries?? Kids are terriors when they gorge themselves on chocolate unlike adults, especially women, who just melt away!!!

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2011- the Year of the Dog!!!

Yes it is apparently the Year of the Dog! Needless to say that doesn’t mean that David Cameron will be shifted off  ‘top spot’and our canine friends will take over in the hot seat! What I’d like to think being said is ‘dog is a man’s best friend’ and we will have lots of ‘other’ friends this year, 2011, and  business will boom and we will all be able to go...

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what do our tea leaves tell us

Is 2011 finally going to be the year we break away from the seemingly endless uphill struggle are we again to walk to embrace the days of plenty last seen in the glory days of the last millennium. The tea leaves are falling auspiciously; certainly we have more bookings on our books this year 2011 than any time previously. We in the hospitality industry felt the cold finger of recession...

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carime engels

Carime where are you? Here we are fretting over light switches, halogen bulbs and recycled carpets, I guess you are sipping caipirnha (how on earth do you spell that) while kite surfing across a Brazilian forest, you told us it’s the land of milk and honey. Anyway we need a dispatch from our man in the new world. Best of all now its got really cold here, the English with...

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What does the New Year herald !

What does the New Year herald for that stalwart of the British economy the conference centre? (why the wider  conference industry has never gained wider respect is beyond me, it seems to me it is one of those rare commodites a British success story, I get the distinct impression many of the major players are UK based, Informa, IQPC blah blah. Even more astounding when you consider that one of...

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