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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

View from the South West Office

The View From Here – as seen by Bobby,   Staffordshire Bull Terrier and General Dogsbody,  CCV South West Regional Office  A Delicate Matter  I hesitate to address this subject, but it has been troubling me for some time.   CCV SW Office Representative, with whom I share a home,  has the most unfortunate habit of picking up my poo in a plastic bag.  Well, really, what can I say?   The look...

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London’s No 1 Venue for Green Meetings, The Guardain and Sustain magazine say so !

Cavendish Conference Venues position as the greenest most sustainable group of venues in Central London has been recognised by a raft of recent event wins. First of sustain magazine the leading voice of green building practises chose the Cavendish for their November event highlighting latest developments in whole life carbon in construction. Key topics include embodied carbon, supply chain carbon, renewable materials and low carbon construction. Leading UK experts will...

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Shanghai Express

Denis the affable Irishman, (aren’t we all Irish, affable?) and the Guru of our Hallam Conference Centre, has decided that he wants to up root himself and take off to China for a few days and tell everybody there about Cavendish Conference Venues! Luckily enough and, as he is such a generous person, he is doing it all out of his own pocket, how brilliant for us?? No don’t ask for...

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UK Uncut

UK Uncut invaded a conference where Dave Hartnett was speaking to ‘thank’ him on behalf of Goldman Sachs and Vodafone. The protestors, dressed as executives, entered the LexisNexis Tax Journal conference in the City of London, while the HM Revenue & Customs permanent secretary for tax was speaking. They handed him bottles of champagne and flowers, saying “we love you Dave” and started singing “for he’s a jolly good fellow,...

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In this day of austerity and public spending cuts it is outrageous that the Financial Services sector continues to pay huge bonuses! However I would imagine that only a certain % of these High Flying Bankers are benefitting from these bonuses and with every economy in a recesssion there will always be people who will benefit no matter what! It is, however, audacious to think of the extremes of these...

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The view from here – Bobby, Staffie Office Assistant – SW Regional Office

It’s nice here, but Gill tells me I’m not as well behaved as I could be.   I really don’t see why.   Just because I attacked her collie friend, Sophie,  the other day.   After that, Sophie’s mum said Sophie would have to go home.   I was quite happy, but Gill said poor Sophie doesn’t get out much and would have enjoyed the walk.   This morning, we were walking along by...

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