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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

Cavendish and the Hajj

The broad church that is the happy Cavendish family is indeed large. Today we host the 4th Annual Umrah Tourist market. I have to confess that with my narrow euro centric view I had no idea what Umrah was / is. As I understand it, tourism to the Middle East in particular to Mecca for the Hajj. Public Exhibitions are something we at Cavendish Conference Venues do fantastically well, with...

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10 tips for happier living – Cavendish Conference Venues

Having survived the rigours of the world’s largest advertising network hosted in London’s best conference venue we moved seamlessly to London’s happiest conference venue. Following a rigorous assessment process, intensive psychometric tests we passed, and were happy to host the event. See below for some top tips on becoming happier: GREAT DREAM Ten keys to happier living Action for Happiness has developed the 10 Keys to Happier Living based on...

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New Year

A New Year and it beggars belief as to where the time has gone! January is nearly ‘done and dusted’ and I am only getting to write my first/second blog! Central London has been a bit quiet lately what with the retail business in a downward spiral however Cavendish Conference Venues are very optimistic and are Centrally located to make it easier for all clients to have access to the...

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Humanitarian Conference at the ICO

Cavendish Conference Venues has recently hosted a major Humanitarian Conference on behalf of the Iraqi people. Hosted at the ICO’s International Confernce Centre in the middle of Londons West End, this event showed how extreme savagery took away the livelihoods of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people and exposed the visciousness of Saddams reign. The three day event has been supported by the British Government and was well attended on...

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the technological mountains we climb

The foothills of the technological mountains we will climb in 2012 were approached by Cavendish Conference Venues last week when we hosted a 3 day investor’s conference for the world’s largest advertising network provider.  Easily summated were the hundreds of delegates all of whom needed wireless access at all times, our new SDSL lines dedicated to individual conferences (rather than shared by several difference conferences on any day) shrugged off...

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Making the world better, one conference at a time

Most of the time in our job we are surrounded by positive vibes like the glamour of the fashion week related events, the creativity of TV producers who attend the RTS monthly events at Hallam or the willingness to learn of delegates taking part in one of the many training sessions we host through the year. Every now and again though,a conference comes along that makes you think about horrible...

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