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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

Cavendish Conference Venues embrace Google wave

We are trialling a version of Google wave with the aim of integrating this technology into speaker presentations hopefully to make them truly interactive. Maybe we will be able to have a live dynamic presentation running with a social media input allowing virtual attendees to interact with the presentation. This is in a sense is a democratisation of webcasting technology, in that the latter is so technology heavy the number...

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America Square Conference Centre

The moment of truth is approaching; we are webcasting a major PLC’s results presentation. We are doing this on possibly the most resilient system available anywhere in Central London. We have a variety of line types ISDN Lines and analogue BT lines; we also have a fibre circuit with Colt (backed up with the most demanding Service Level agreements) offering state of the art IP video conferencing capabilities. This makes...

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Cavendish Conference Venues, leaders for all forms of Digital Conferences

- The difference between a webcast and a web conference. That’s a good question. Many people confuse webcasting with web conferencing. The main difference is the technology. Web conferencing is a presentation that requires the use of a phone line or conference bridge for the audio. This is great for a small meeting when you want more collaboration. The challenge is when you start having larger audiences because you can...

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The Best Webcasting Venue in Central London

Now we have our superfast fibre line provided by the good people at Colt, we inevitably hit the next issue, how to integrate our state of the art Cisco switches and firewalls with the myriad of webcasting hardware items normally supplied by our clients. Our first step hopefully to be achieved tomorrow is to set up a permanent video conference using a Polycom VSX7000 between our America Square venue and...

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Cavendish Conference Venues take the Technological Lead

In March next year Cavendish Conference Centre is once again demonstrating is technical lead by hosting a music 4.5 event. Music 4.5 brings together music tech start-ups, serial entrepreneurs, investors, artists, band managers and key industry players to share knowledge, discuss strategies for business success, debate market trends and evolution, as well as network. The name Music 4.5 is derived from a Web 2.0 philosophy which says that, after the...

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Londons best webcasting venue

We at Cavendish Conference Centres want to be able to offer absolute cutting edge webcasting and video conferencing technology. On Friday at our America Square Conference Centre we hosted a major presentation for Royal Bank Of Scotland (Chief Executive / Chairmen the works), part of this involved webcasting parts of the event up to their headquarters in Edinburgh. They left happy as lambs. Maybe its on the back of this...

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