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Cavendish Conference Venues commitment to sustainability

Now the Copenhagen climate change summit has ended in failure, at least that’s how it seems to us. When have governments ever made the hard decisions even if they are legally binding, now they are not,  there is really no reason to believe that they will facilitate meaningful carbon reductions. The choice either we can all fry together, or us the ants at the bottom of the pile can make attempt to make the smallest of changes, maybe they will all add up to something. Maybe together we can build an ant house, aren’t they meant to be the coolest places in a desert. We are Cavendish Conference Venues are trying to do out tiny winy bit to introduce as many sustainable practises as possible. Our latest innovation perhaps the hardest, introduce high quality web casting facilities at all venues. (Mayfair Conference Centre, Cavendish Conference Centre, Hallam Conference Centre, America Square Conference Centre and the ICO Conference Centre) We believe this unites the entire vision, conference venues as close to clients as is possible, then for delegates who cannot attend a live at cost web cast of the event.

Published: 22 December 2009 by