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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues


Ever since snow was announced to fall in London this weekend, I had been anxiously waiting. Few things transport me – and many others with me – more efficiently back to childhood than the sight of a snow covered landscape. Add to that the magical decorative lights that are appearing all over the city and the sound of Christmas carols, and I almost believe in Santa Claus again! Therefore, big was...

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Full House

After a long radio silence here is the Cavendish Blog back on track! Being an imported item that has happily adopted the English way of living, I have noticed in myself a very English tendency to whinge about the weather. Lesson in culture well learned, but I am surely starting to annoy myself with the amount of times I manage to exclaim ‘it’s cold!’ in a day.   That it’s...

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Ecology über alles

In our conference rooms the air con is starting to switch from cooling to heating mode, cold water is swapped for hot tea, and in the office the little mobile heaters are being called upon – the cold has undeniably arrived. And with it, a heavy conscience: all this energy wasted just to keep ourselves warm! There must be better ways to do that… but how far are we willing...

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How big is the sense of humour of the English? As an outsider, I perceived in these months that English humour is quite brilliant. Understated, dry and subtle, but ever present for those who look out for it. Working in conferences, it is an important factor that makes our work so much nicer every day. We make phone calls to our clients, we talk to numerous delegates, and many of...

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Buses and bycicles

An article published on the BBC news channel claims that “the average commuter spends 139 hours a year travelling to and from work”. Discounting holidays, that represents almost 3 hours per week. I suddenly feel very sorry for myself, as I spend about two and a half hours getting from home to work and back every day! But my own miseries and self-pity left aside, I wondered – how do...

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When the remedy is worse than the disease

Maybe some of you have read this blog a couple of weeks ago – I mentioned how we were trying to find ways to donate our surplus food to charities. This ended up being a lot more complicated than at first sight may seem. We have, almost every day, a certain amount of delicious, healthy and fresh food that we don’t want; others want delicious, healthy and fresh food, that they don’t have. The equation...

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