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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues

Be first past the post with Cavendish Venues to win a hospitality trip on Ladies Day!

          Be first past the post with Cavendish Venues to win a hospitality trip on Ladies Day! You can safely bet on your favourite Cavendish Venues for the best value prices in the market. April sees the Grand National – Now place your event by the end of April to take place within 2015 and you can win a hospitality experience for 8 on Ladies Day...

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Bag a Bargain

Book and confirm an event on any of these dates at Cavendish Venues and we will send you Selfridges vouchers to the corresponding value.

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Green Green Greenest London Venues…

We believe we are the greenest most sustainable venue in London. Talk is easy it’s the doing that hard. In a mound of ways we are trying to do our bit, perhaps the easiest way of...

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Bye Bye Britain

The Christmas break, when all conferences come to a stop as people all over the UK are way too busy drinking good wine and eating turkey, is the ideal time to do some works around our conference rooms.  It is lovely to discuss the new color of a wall or the application of our logo across the cloak room, and think of many other ways to give our venues a...

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Christmas Fever

I assume this week I am writing this blog for no reader at all. Why? It is almost Christmas! And yes, that is less about reindeers and peace on earth than it is about gift frenzy and general panic. Who has been to Oxford Street lately knows, the countdown has started and there is no escape. Every year I attempt to outsmart the rest of the population, and take great...

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Ever since snow was announced to fall in London this weekend, I had been anxiously waiting. Few things transport me – and many others with me – more efficiently back to childhood than the sight of a snow covered landscape. Add to that the magical decorative lights that are appearing all over the city and the sound of Christmas carols, and I almost believe in Santa Claus again! Therefore, big was...

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