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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues


Less than 100 days to go – The Olympic Torch arrives at America Square Conference Centre Now that we are approaching the closing few months and as the nation counts down to London 2012, here at America Square we had the G4S Conference, addressing the securityfor the games here yesterday. The event had many exhibitors. The Royal Mint ( giving away some of the Olympic 50 pence’s,  I was fortunate...

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NHS and Andrew Lansley at the Cavendish

It is unfotunate in this day of austerity that there is so much to make up and ‘fix’ in our society. The thoughts of what it is gong to cost us, the tax payers, is unsurmountable however, for the faults of the few, many of us will have to suffer drastic cuts in our standards of living and life style for years to come. There are tough decisions for tough times that have to...

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Women in Wireless London Chapter Launch,19th April

Women in Wireless (WiW) aim to develop and advance women leaders in mobile and digital media. The organisation is well-established in the US with chapters in San Francisco and New York. Yesterday evening we had the pleasure to hold the Women in Wireless Party launch at the ICO Conference Centre. The launch event featured Jerri DeVard, CMO of Nokia as inaugural guest speaker and founding member of the Women in...

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Bobby the Staff

The View From Here – as seen by Bobby,   Staffordshire Bull Terrier and General Dogsbody,  CCV South West Regional Office   Back From My Hols!   Yes, just back home after a few months away from operational duties  and what  larks I’ve had !   SW Rep had been threatening to send me away to Doggy Borstal, but thankfully relented and instead I’ve been living in a home away from home...

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Cavendish Conference Venues No1 for healthcare events again !

In April Cavendish Conference Centre will host a major conference in which Andrew Lansley the Heath Secretary will attempt to achieve a consensus as to how his controversial health care bill will be implemented. The minister will be joined by many of the other major actors in this ongoing drama, including the NHS Commissioning Boards chairman and the regulator (Monitor) chairman David Bennett. The venue lends itself perfectly to this...

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A message direct from our ‘dear leader’

“I’ve upped my sales – up yours!” If you keep doing what you’ve always done – you will get what you’ve always got …  makes sense doesn’t it – there are always reasons to stay the same. “we need to keep our noses to the grindstone” Lizzy “things will come good” “this is no time to take risks” “we need to hunker down, consolidate” It’s tough out there” HOWEVER CHANGE...

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