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What's happening at our Central London Conference Venues


Cavendish Venues welcome royalty

Glamour in the form of the Princess Maxima of the Netherlands visited our America Square Conference Centre yesterday. She was attending an event aimed at understanding and combating financial exclusion. In case divine inspiration was needed...

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Has the world completely given up on the general election, the conference perspective.

Over the years it’s been an unwritten rule that no sane conference organiser would choose to run an event during the two or three week build up to a general election. The logic, the world or at least the UK cared who was elected, they put making an informed decision first. If they cared then they don’t now, we are fully booked next week. The army of political and media...

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Is it worth it ?

All this blogging all these thousands of words, why. It’s not clear if we are want to be Samuel Pepys or just desperately trying to brown tongue the latter day god of Mr. Google.  What’s even sadder our guru won’t tell us his likes or dislikes, truly a deity? We make offerings (countless hours and billions of words) does he see them, are they worth it, who knows. Cavendish conference...

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Cavendish Conference Venues announce two major Green Initiatives

Cavendish Conference Venues announce two major Green Initiatives. We have now moved all our electricity supplies from the Megalith that is EDF albeit on a green tariff (Carbon levy exempt) to Ecotricity. The logic is twofold. Firstly we prefer dealing with smaller companies, EDF professes to have somewhere over 100 000 employees, there is just no human face; it is all about systems and processes. Second, EDF produces both clean...

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Sustainable Standards for Conferences and Events – Absolute Chaos

At least 10 standardised ways of measuring the sustainability of a conference event or meeting, could things be more chaotic.   With ISO 20121 being mooted as the new international standard for sustainable events, sitting atop of the domestic standard of ISO 14001, then we have BSI 8901 as a further refinement. Sitting beneath these are a whole host of individual UK government supported measures, Green Tourism Scheme, Green Mark,...

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Cavendish Conference Venues embrace Google wave

We are trialling a version of Google wave with the aim of integrating this technology into speaker presentations hopefully to make them truly interactive. Maybe we will be able to have a live dynamic presentation running with a social media input allowing virtual attendees to interact with the presentation. This is in a sense is a democratisation of webcasting technology, in that the latter is so technology heavy the number...

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