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The Long and Winding Road

“The long and winding road involved in securing business for any company is a hard and lonely path to run”! A famous quote from a very famous business man shows the dedication to keep every business persons company on the up! The Conference industry is not adverse to long and hard work to secure profitability and indeed to build a company is a mind blogging experience! To build a Conference business from scratch is also an achievement that needs mentioning! The Mayfair, Cavendish and ICO Conference Centre’s and soon to be Hallam Conference Centre, who will all be newly adapted under the “Capital City Venues” title are a company in their own right that needs mentioning!
I say this not only because of the way the business has grown but also because of the backing the company has had from its employees and clients alike! We are a people’s company providing Conference facilities in Central London to business people  from all over the world! We deliver because we have the staff and the know how and when it is a meeting, seminar or whatever you want talk to us the professionals in the Centre of London with Conference Centre’s of excellence to prove it!

Published: 28 February 2008 by